Q: How do I pay for services?

A: Our services are typically covered by private pay or through long-term care insurance plans. Some individuals may qualify for programs that offer assistance. Our staff will gladly assist you in determining if you qualify for one of these programs.

Q: I've seen other companies with lower rates. Why are yours higher?

A: The most likely answer is because we have a different type of license than agencies who quote lower rates. Aamira Home Care is a Residential Service Agency; other agencies you may see are Referral Service Agencies, which are basically staffing agencies. They can provide lower costs because they do not have the same requirements by law (and ultimately, they do not have the same level of supervision, accountability, or quality) as Residential Service Agencies.

Q: What if I don't like the caregiver you have provided for me?

A: Our clients have the opportunity to meet with their caregiver on or before the start of care. We understand that after several days or weeks together, the client may realize that the caregiver is not a good match, and we will gladly provide a new caregiver with no questions asked. Our goal is client comfort and satisfaction, and we encourage our clients to communicate with us continuously about their needs and our services.

Q: What is "Home Care?"

A: “Home Care,” “Home Health Care,” and “In-Home Care” are phrases that are used interchangeably to mean any type of care given to a person in their own home. The goal of home care is to make it possible for people to remain in their home rather than use residential, long-term, or institutional-based nursing care (such as nursing home and assisted living facilities). The services provided may include some combination of professional health care services and life assistance services.

Q: Where does your name come from?

A: Aamira is a beautiful word that means “full of life.” It is a word that exemplifies our passion and commitment to our clients, who, although they may be ill or in need of special care, are still full of life and are deserving of the utmost respect, compassion, and care.

Q: How do I know I can trust one of your caregivers to come into my home?

A: Aamira Home Care understands that it can be intimidating to let a stranger into your home. To ensure your safety, Aamira Home Care does background checks on all caregivers, as well as fingerprinting to confirm identity. We conduct detailed reference checks and verify positive past work history before considering an individual for employment. We also conduct face-to-face interviews, and require a demonstration of skills to assess whether an individual is qualified to provide care in a client’s home. Additionally, all caregivers are CPR and First Aid certified, and they receive ongoing training and supervision from a Registered Nurse.

Q: Why should I hire a caregiver through an agency?

A: When hiring from an agency, you can rest assured that only the most qualified, trusted caregivers will be provided (see above question). Additionally, it is inevitable that unforeseen circumstances will arise from time to time, such as a caregiver being sick. Hiring through an agency ensures that in such situations you will always have a replacement, and you will not be left struggling to find someone to assist you in a time of need. Aamira Home Care also has staff on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so any issue that may arise can be addressed immediately and at your convenience. Another benefit is that we are responsible for the caregiver’s taxes and paycheck, so you will not be burdened with these administrative and time-consuming tasks.

Aamira Home Care also uses a holistic approach to home care, so we are your one-stop-shop for any need or service you may require from the community. Rather than calling multiple places to find something you need, you can simply call us and we will refer you to one of our trusted resources in the community so that your needs may be addressed safely and quickly.

Q: I want to know that I and my belongings are protected. Do you have insurance to protect me?

A: Yes. Aamira Home Care has Liability Insurance, which covers our clients should they get injured while under the care of one of our caregivers. This insurance also includes fidelity, which covers our clients’ property if a caregiver were to take something from a clients’ home.

Aamira Home Care also has Workman’s Compensation Insurance, which will cover our caregivers in the event that they are injured while providing care for a client.


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