Services Overview

A wide range of services

Aamira Home Care provides a range of services, both long and short term, at the client’s home or facility of their choice. Upon requesting our services, a Registered Nurse makes an initial visit to the client’s home to assess and evaluate his/her needs. A customized, individual care plan is created for each client that will be followed by the personal caregiver assigned to that client. Our clients are continually assessed by a Registered Nurse so that their care plan may be modified as his/her needs change over time. At Aamira Home Care, we focus on matching the needs and preferences of the client to a caregiver whose own personality and skills make the best match. Our clients’ comfort and satisfaction are the basis of our service plans, and we take pride in finding the best aide for each individual client.

In addition to providing a personal caregiver and being assessed by a Registered Nurse, Aamira Home Care’s administrative staff remains highly involved in all client cases to ensure the client’s highest quality of care and satisfaction. Each client has a designated Patient Care Coordinator who makes weekly check-in calls and regular visits to ensure that the client is satisfied with all aspects of our services. Aamira Home Care also provides 24/7 support for clients, so someone is always available to address any concerns.

Who can benefit from our services?

Aamira Home Care’s services are ideal for individuals who:

  • Have the onset or presence of a life-threatening or life-altering medical condition
  • Need assistance following a medical or cosmetic surgery or procedure
  • Are discharged from a hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
  • Have family members who live far away or do not have the time to devote to continuous care
  • Need prenatal and/or postpartum assistance at home
  • Need a Case Manager following a hospital discharge to ensure safe and efficient recovery

Aamira Home Care is looking for qualified individuals to work for our company.

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